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We prioritize our clients’ experience in every order, so we handcraft our desserts with the finest ingredients, creating mouth-watering flavors. We aim to turn your celebration into a magical moment of joy. Explore our varieties such as Tres Leches Cakes, Whipped Cream Cakes, Wedding Cakes in Glendale, and other delicious options.

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Birthday Cakes
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Wedding Cakes
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Experience the joy of ordering from local bakeries. We bake our cakes from scratch with the freshest, top-quality ingredients, delighting our customers and leaving them craving more.

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Tres Leches With Walnuts
Marble cake
vanilla cake
Tres Leches
Upon Special Request - Carrot Cake - Lemon Cake - Tiramisu - Mocha
quarter sheet
Quarter Sheet
Serves 15-20 People  
from $45
half sheet
Half Sheet
Serves 35-50 People 
from $80
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Full Sheet
Serves 80-96 People
from $130
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Celebrate Your Loved One's Special Day

Surprise your beloved with a custom cake made with love just for them. Whether you want to order a magic-themed unicorn birthday cake or a superhero-themed chocolate birthday cake, the possibilities are limitless with us. We serve cakes that reflect the true spirit of your celebrations.
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Quinceañera Cake
Tres Leches with walnuts - Tres leches - Casero - Vanilla - Chocolate - Marble - Strawberry - Napolitan - Redvelvet
Upon special request

Unforgettable Moments

Serving Excellence

We create our cakes with careful attention to detail to ensure our desserts are not just designed exceptionally but also our flavors offer an unparalleled experience. Baking cakes is our passion, and we love to bring more joy to your celebrations with our ability to make these delicious desserts. We carefully plan every step to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

Catering Service
GOOD rating
Based on 22 reviews
Oh how to start on this place …. 1. Cake de el ranch market would’ve tasted better than the cake I got here 2. The cake we got was a simple design and basic sheet cake. This store cannot get anything right. 3. Flavor of the cake was nasty and la leche was basic milk not the tres leches. Such a disappointment 4. The other half of the cake was marble and it was more white and one streak of chocolate only. 5. The filling was more whipped cream than filling. No peaches and no piña colada. 6. The design was supposed to be red and they put orange. Who in the right mind thinks that the customer wants orange when it was stated RED for a reason . 7. Do not order from here if you want a cake de tres leches or just a simple one. We asked for half and half and they just didn’t do a good job. Makes me wonder why they opened a second place if they don’t even do a good job. I saw multiple people ordering have the same issue when receiving there end product. Replying to your lack of accountability and poor business skills: Business response: I personally would like to apologize for the inconvenience you had. But I assure you our cakes are made fresh (unlike ranch market if you will). We make our tres leches cake with three high quality milks. I dont know by what you mean saying we only use basic milk, did you actually see us pour it into the cake? Also red coloring fades after a while, did you pick it up on time? A photo would help too, thanks. Me: ranch market cake has more filling and better quality compared to your cake. My mom does cakes and the poor quality of ingredients you use is far by the worst. Cake lacked eggs and the milk is far from high quality. Please go back and take cake courses instead of opening new stores. You lack accountability and your red color fading means lack of good quality products. We did send you a picture as you indicate all customers before starting the work. Maybe get a new pair of glasses to see upclose and do the correct design. We would have gladly paid more than $80 instead of getting trashy work.
Azucena Mendoza
Azucena Mendoza
Lo que me pasa por querer probar pastel en diferente lugar $80 dólares pague por el pastel para que le pusieran mas betún que fruta , y la decoración para navidad verde claro y naranja en vez de rojo , tenía esperanzas que por adentro fuera diferente , muy dulce sabe a pura lechera y mucho betún casi nada de fruta , pastel marble bien pobre de chocolate . Que asco por favor hagan bien su trabajo .
ruth figueroa
ruth figueroa
This place was so cute and the decor and whole place was clean and put together. Me and my boyfriend walked in, looking for some pastries, and we were greeted with an amazing smile and were told they sadly don’t have pastries. The lady actually gave us a whole slice of her AMAZING tres leches cake and put on the toppings we wanted. Let me just say, WOW. That cake was AMAZING. I will be coming back to buy my boyfriend one next month because of the amazing staff and outstanding cake.
faith brown
faith brown
An amazing Mexican bakery that carries all the best Mexican pastries. A hidden gem in Phoenix
J isaac
J isaac
Se los recomiendo 👌 muy ricos 😋 🤤 yo e comprado mis pasteles y mis invitados les encanta
carolina contreras
carolina contreras
Their work is so awesome and it taste as good as it looks
Tiffany Hilbe
Tiffany Hilbe
Tengo años comprando los pasteles aqui con ellos y son deliciosos
Guadalupe Macias
Guadalupe Macias

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