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Since 1997 Petra Padilla had started making home style cakes from her home in the Maryvale neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. It all started when she made a cake for her daughter’s birthday. All the guests enjoyed the wonderful dessert and they wanted more. She eventually had to quit her job at McDonald’s to keep up with the demand, which she then taught herself many skills including cake decorating, more baking techniques, etc,. In 2005 she opened her first storefront location selling everything from custom cakes, wedding cakes, quinceañeras, small treats and more with a wide range of delicious cake flavors and endless fillings. Today you can still come on in and try out some local favorites such as Tres Leches with walnuts and strawberries.

Tres Leches Cakes Phoenix
Tres Leches with walnuts - Tres leches - Casero - Vanilla - Chocolate - Marble - Strawberry - Napolitan - Redvelvet
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Our cakes are handcrafted with quality ingredients beginning from our flour, eggs, and oil to the finishing custards, fruits, and frostings.

We ensure that our cakes are made fresh to order. 

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They say a party without cake is just a meeting. Let us celebrate with you and make it a memorable experience.